Manufacturing Services

We can manufacture and/or remanufacture a wide variety of products to meet your needs.

Our Manufacturing Services include the following and more:

Utility Services

Load Tap Changer Kits (LTC) & Remanufacturing

    • Westinghouse - UTT/UTTA/UTTB, UTS, UTS-A, URS
    • McGraw Edison - 550BLS, 550, 550B, 550C
    • Ferranti Packard - 25RT32, 25/34/69RT32
    • GE - LRT200, LRT68, LRT72, LRT38/48
    • FPE - TC523, TC525, TC534, TC546
    • Siemens - TLH-20/21, TLS, TLF, TLG
  • Medium Voltage
    • Oil and Air Circuit Breakers
    • Oil and Air Switches
    • Motor Starters

    Custom Bus and Flex Connectors

    Fiberboard and Insulating Products - Tap Boards - Insulation Links and more!


Do you need something fabricated or remanufactured? Don't buy new - call us today and see how much you can save!
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